Sam is Mel’s father. He is a recovering alcoholic. When he was younger he wanted to be a rock star, he played guitar and had a band, but now he’s just trying to get by and provide for his kid.
Sometimes he has trouble controlling his urges, and Mel always pushes his buttons, but he tries to stay strong. Sam feels responsible for a family tragedy that happened years ago, which Mel still blames him and his addiction for, there’s a lot of tension between them.

Mel is a typical angsty teenager.
He’s sarcastic and rude, especially to his father.
He indulges in drinking and smoking weed, but he also has a creative side that he doesn’t share with anyone.
Mel likes to write poetry.
Mel has been through a lot of trauma and tragedy in his life which is why it’s hard for him to trust anyone.

Sasha is Sam’s sponsor.
She’s helping him overcome his addiction and mend his relationship with his son.
She’s strong and wise.

Beth is Sam’s neighbor and friend. They went to high school together.
She is reserved but also speaks her mind and can be very direct if needed.
Beth lives by herself and embraces it. She knows that Sam has been dealing with a lot so she often comes over to help or talk and make sure he’s okay. Beth is caring, independent, and strong.

Sam’s ex-wife and Mel and Kira’s mother. She’s a free spirit, so much so that she doesn’t stay in one place for too long, she’s always trying to find herself and discover new things, and she abandons her family a lot to do that.
She’s happy, emotional, and carefree. A few years ago she suffered a mental breakdown and left home without a word when she suddenly reappears in Mel’s life it becomes a bittersweet reunion.

Kira is a free-spirited rock and roll girl. She’s wild, witty, and smart.
Although she likes to party she also likes to hang out with Mel and teach him to open up more and mend his relationship with their dad, perhaps through music.