Episodic Descriptions

Episode 1

Mel and Sam visit the grave of someone close to them on the anniversary of their passing, and Mels’ unexplained resentment toward his father grows stronger. A childhood friend Kira visits Mel and offers some support, meanwhile, Sam gets a visit from his neighbour and friend Beth. As the evening progresses some secrets are revealed.

Episode 2

Mel deals with the shame and his actions from the previous night. Sam tries to apologize to Beth for what happened. Kira visits Mel again and has another talk with him. Sam attends a meeting and Sasha gives him an idea of solving his relationship with Mel.

Episode 3

Mel tells Kira about Sam’s sudden want to play music with him to restore their relationship. He is skeptical, however, Kira convinces him to have an open mind. While alone at home, Mel gets a visit from his mother Beverly, who’s been absent from his life for years. After Sam comes home Mel tells him about the visit and they share an emotional moment. Beth comes over to forgive Sam for what happened.

Episode 4

Sam and Beth grow closer as friends and she helps him to understand Mel a little better. Sam receives an unexpected phone call that shakes him emotionally. Mel tries to make amends and change his behavior. Kira forces Mel to confront the truth and the memories he’s been trying to suppress all this time, not being able to handle it Mel runs off into the night.

Episode 5

Sam shares a gripping story at his AA meeting that puts things into perspective, he also tells Sasha more about his relationship with Beverly. After realizing that Mel is gone Sam goes out to find him, he receives a phone call from Doctor Rodinger about coming in for another therapy session with Mel. After sleeping in the park the entire night Mel is on his way home when he comes across Kira again, after having a conversation with her more things are revealed.

Episode 6

As their relationship begins to heal Sam and Mel start to understand each other more, and things are looking up for both of them. Their shared love of music bonds them further, but they get an unexpected visit from Beverly. After a somewhat awkward family reunion, Beverly asks for Sam’s forgiveness and to visit the cemetery to say her peace. Mel tells Sam that he got accepted into university and will be leaving soon, they are both in a good place and are ready for the next chapter of their lives.